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Inada Duet Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Duet is a great Zero Gravity massage chair. The only massage chair in the world that has twin engines. Now available in Arab Emirates.

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Since its foundation more than 50 years ago, as a leader in the massage chair market, FAMILY INADA has strived to develop a mechanism that fits and soothes the human body. The challenge we faced in that process was how to solve differences between the structures of the upper body and lower body. The solution is our proprietary “Dual Harmony.” We have achieved a “massage” with two mechanisms.

W2 Engine. 8-Axis Intelligent Massage System

The mechanism which rotates and rolls tightly holds muscles and deeply massages them. Independent push-out functions on each side, in addition to left-right, back-and-forth, and up-down driving, intensely massages one-sided stiffness away.

8-Axis Intelligent Massage System

The industry’s firrst 8-axis intelligent massage system has realized independent movements for the appropriate treatment amount on each left-right side, in addition to conventional up-down driving and push-out function in the right-left and front-back directions.This enables a muscle stiffness massage which may differ on the left and right sides depending on the person and his or her body usage. The 8-axis intelligent massage system provides treatment that approaches a massage by professional human hands, „rmly massaging the suboccipital muscles, trapezius muscles, levator scapulae muscles, rhomboideus muscles, erector muscles of the spine, piriformis muscle, and gluteus maximus in the upper body toward the center of the body.

Engine W2. Annular deep massage mechanism

The “annular deep massage mechanism” which has a total of 48 pointillage heads pursues movements of two-„nger kneading by professionals. It massages main muscles (hamstring*‘) in the posterior region of the thigh such as the biceps femoris muscle, semimembranosus muscle, and semitendinosus muscle, which was not possible by conventional air massage pressing and relaxing (compared with our ordinary product).

Massage position advanced from “flat” to “zero gravity”

Ideal treatment by a massage chair indicates how to relieve the entire body while reducing load, and how to appropriately massage according to the “S-shaped line” of the body. FAMILY INADA focuses attention on zero gravity of the “post-gravity load” through unique research. We have enabled a relaxing massage in a comfortable position that resembles a zero gravity environment since the entire chair supports the body evenly to reduce load on muscles.

Functions and massage programs


Massages hamstring by the two-finger kneading method as if holding them.


Shiatsu flows to the calves.

Massages calves as if holding them and firmly applies shiatsu-like flows by rotating projections with quick thrusts.

Shiatsu flows to the calves.

Foot/Toes Massage

Massages toes as if holding them, and applies shiatsu to the bottom of the feet by rotating projections with pressure and force.

Foot/Toes Massage

Hand heater

The air bags gently hold the forearm region and relieves stiffness of the entire arm. In additin the equipped "hand heater" relaxes the body warming the hands.

Hand heater

Neck massage

Holds the base of the neck securely and massage it with pressure and force. Holds the base of the neck securely, and massages it by pressing hard with a shiatsu feeling like kneading. Streches the neck as if tilting the head.

neck massage

Shoulder blades massage

Massages muscles extensively around the shoulder blades. Deeply massages muscles at the back of shoulders that easily stiffen by diagonal movements along the edges of the shoulder blades.

shoulder blades masage

Lower back massage

Massages extensively outward to the lower back. These rollers extend up to approximately 20 cm outward to massage the lower back extensively to external areas that easily fatigue.

Lower back massage

Piriform muscles massage

The running rollers which reach deeply near the buttocs massage the gluteus maximus and piriformis muscles near the sciatic nerve.

Piriform muscles massage

Every small detail counts.

Soft leather on armrests

We pay meticulous attention to components that you touch and feel.

Soft leather

Remote control pocket to sleekly store

Use either the right or left pockets as you prefer.

Remote control pocket to sleekly store

Pillow cover

Pillow cover is included and can be cleaned whenever needed.

Pillow cover which can always be kept clean

Buffer pad

The buffer pad which enables adjustment of running roller strength allows you to optimize chair comfort.

Buffer pad with freedom of use

Pursuit of massage according to person, region, and stiffness

Shape differs between the upper body and lower body. A specially designed mechanism with an optimum shape is required for an appropriate massage. For uneven stiffness caused by body distortion, it is important to massage each of the left and right sides intensely. What solves this problem once for all is our newly developed “W Engine.” It enables a massage according to the user.

Optical Sensor automatically locates optimum shiatsu points

FAMILY INADA’s proprietary Optical Sensor Automatic Shiatsu Point Locator System correctly locates shiatsu points which vary from person to person depending on body type. This enables effective massage by grasping individual pressing and massage points.

Remote control

1. Full Body Quick

Massages from the base of the head to the calves by narrowing down the point for a short time. This is a recommended program when you want to refresh durring work or within a short time.

2. Full Body Relief

Massages muscles from the base of the head to the calves in a balanced manner. This is a recommended program for daily healthcare management to relieve everyday fatigue.

3. Morning

Massages along the flow of the vines by the centripedal method to return blood flow from the extremities to the heart. This is a recommended program to activate and wake the body.

4. Night

Massages along the flow of the arteries by the centrifugal method to assist blood flow from the heart to the extremities. This is a recommended program to calm and relax the body.

5. Back Intensity Balance

This is a program to massage uneven stiffness that concentrates massaging each of the right and left sides. This is a recommended program for people with uneven stiffness caused by daily habits.

Focused programs

This is a program to massage intensely specificaly on fatigue regions.

Back Intensity Balance

Massages focusing either on the left or right sides with the right intensity.

Favorite Program

Select your favorite massage with the back mechanism or leg mechanism. Can also be used in combination with kneading or rollers.

Feet can be massaged

Apply the feet to the leg mechanism.

Product Specifications

W2 Engines Twin Engines - The Inada Duet Zero Gravity Massage Chair is the first in the world to have double engines - one engine to massage the upper body (from low down at the tail bone up to the scalp) and a proprietory 2nd engine to massage the lower body (including buttox, thighs, hamstrings, calves and feet).
ZeroGravity Zero Gravity - The Inada Duet puts you in the most comfortable zero gravity position which gives you a feeling of 'weightlessness' and takes pressure off the spine allowing your body to completely relax & rejuvenate.
8-Axis massage mechanism Brand new 8-Axis massage mechanisim technology - More variety of massage movements over more of the body along with ability to select balance intensity (ie. deeper massage on either left or right or equal - users choice).
Deep theraphy Deep/Thorough massage - To really get deep and hard into those stiff musles / knots! NB: for those who prefer a softer massage, the included buffer pad can be used to soften the massage.
Model Name/Number INADA DUET HCP-WG1000

Inada Family Japan

Manufactured by
Power Supply 220 / 230V V (50-60HZ)
Power Consumption 150 W (Rated power consumption of heater only: 12 W)
Outer Covering Synthetic leather, polyester
Supplied Items Power Cord, Remote Control Pocket, Buffer Pad
Medical Device Approval No. 225AKBZX00065000
Reclining Angle Approx. 118° to 153° from floor level, continuous motion
(Automatic reclining)
sizes duet
colors inada duet
colors inada duet
colors inada duet
colors inada duet

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Why choose the Inada Duet massage chair?

1. Japanese quality and innovation. Made in Japan.

Inada provides the best quality massage chairs in the world. No other massage chair is as reliable, resistant, or as complex as the Inada massage chair.

2. Worldwide recognition

Inada is the only massage chair manufacturer whose products enjoy worldwide recognition by the Chiropractic Association.

3. Revolutionary dual massage technology.

The Duet massage chair offers a new type of massage generated by two motors. Thanks to its massage rollers, the leg massage is as effective as the back massage.

4. Want more reasons to buy the Inada Duet massage chair?

Please fill out this form or send us an e-mail at office@inada.ae

What our Customers sau about Inada Massage Chairs?

5 / 5 rating rating rating rating rating

I only buy Japanese products because I trust them a lot. I did the same when I bought the Duet massage chair, because it is very convenient to use and we do not have to take our shoes off. It is a massage chair that I capable of adapting to our requirements; it can be very gentle, but, using the remote control, you can set a stronger massage level. I commend the advice I received and the way the chair was delivered!

5 / 5 rating rating rating rating rating

We have bought this massage chair and are very happy with it. We tested all 3 models and we arrived at the conclusion that this model is the right one for me and my family. I can say that I received good advice and that I have consequently chosen a top massage chair.

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