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Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair

The Best Massage Chair in the World.

Designed after multiple years of research and testing, and with the efficient collaboration between skilful Japanese engineers and experts in Oriental massage, Inada Dreamwave can indeed offer you the massage of your dreams.

Exceptional Design. Therapeutic Effects.

Inada DreamWave redefines the concept of massage chairs by combining ancient oriental therapeutic methods with modern design. Providing an extended massage area and offering a large variety of carefully designed automatic programs, this model guarantees full relaxation and a strong therapeutic effect.

4 mobile roller units

These roller mechanisms were designed to ensure comfortable and stimulating massage to muscle Shiatsu points, from neck and shoulders to lower back. Roller pressure is distributed between 4 points, offering a delicate kneading massage, with no excessive stimulation and without creating discomfort. By using the Ultra-Slow System for a delicate massage the result will be similar to a massage provided by an experienced massage therapist.

Optic Sensor for Shiatsu Pressure Points

Shiatsu pressure points that differ from one person to another are automatically identified by INADA’s optic sensor. Before selecting a program, make yourself comfortable in your massage chair and relax. When selecting the desired program, Inada will scan your back and will compare your profile with the 106 profiles stored in its memory. The massage chair will adjust to your body shape immediately to offer a personalized massage. Although Shiatsu points differ for each body structure, this massage chair automatically identifies them by using the optic sensor. Identifying Shiatsu points ensures a more comfortable and efficient massage.

Airbag pressure mobile mechanism. 3D Massage.

Using air to adjust roller pressure ensures a delicate and comfortable massage. Rollers lift approx. 7 cm to provide a thorough back massage.

The Shiatsu stretching-kneading airbag system represents the first function in the industry that combines neck and shoulder massage. The system pulls the neck from both sides and then the headrest airbags apply direct pressure on Shiatsu points. This action is meant to remove muscle stiffness resulted from lack of exercise or sitting in the same position for a long period of time.

The New Features of Inada Dreamwave

Kneading Function

The Shiatsu stretching-kneading airbag system represents the first function in the industry that combines neck and shoulder massage. The system pulls the neck from both sides and then the headrest airbags apply direct pressure on Shiatsu points. This action is meant to remove muscle stiffness resulted from lack of exercise or sitting in the same position for a long period of time.

Full Arm Massage Function

This massage chair is provided with the first air pressure massage unit for the whole arm in the industry. Twenty airbags massage the upper part of the arm, the forearm and the fingertips. This makes for a complete kneading massage, from the joint of your shoulder to the tip of your finger. Experience a delicate massage fit for your body shape, by placing your arms and shoulder in the designed mobile units that can be adjusted to the sides.

Full Body Stretching Function

A new level of stretching. This massage chair offers a stretching program for muscles that are usually less used. This function stretches the body by bending the upper back, creating a similar sensation to full body stretching.

Swing Function

The new swing function simulates professional massage techniques. The new side press pushes on the pelvis activating the airbags inside the chair’s seat, creating a swinging sensation. This program will help you relax even more after a regular massage program.

Massage Program for Adolescents and Young People

This new program is destined for young people (14 and over). The reclining angle sets up automatically to remove muscle stiffness and allow young people to recover after daily fatigue. This massage programme is less intense, providing a delicate sensation in order to reduce the stress which young bodies are subjected to.

55 Shiatsu Points

Equipped with an air pressure system for neck and shoulders, the Inada massage chair offers you the comfort you expect. The airbag massage of 55 Shiatsu points distributed all over your body, ensures a delicate and thorough treatment.

Important Features

Full Body, Approx. 15 min.

Basic massage program to reduce fatigue by massaging the whole body, using rollers and air pressure. This program helps reduce daily fatigue.

full body massage Inada Dreamwave

Full Body Air, Approx. 15 min.

Full body massage using exclusively airbags. It is recommended for people that do not appreciate the mechanic massage techniques.

full body massage air Inada

Swing, Approx. 15 min.

This massage program is recommended for persons who wish to relax. Activating this program after using any other function reinforces muscle balance.

swing massage Inada

Youth, Approx. 8 min.

A much more delicate massage program, especially designed for young user (14+), allowing users to enjoy the therapeutic benefits on DREAMWAVE, no matter their age. This low intensity massage program relieves muscle stiffness and reduces fatigue for young people with an alert life, without putting much pressure on the body.

Youth massage program Inada

Strech, Approx. 8 min.

For the first time in the industry! This program extends the spine by using the full body extension function. Recommended for people who need to reinvigorate their body.

Strech, Approx. 8 min

Night, Approx. 15 min.

Along with the automatic programs that can be selected with the help of the controller, Inada manual programming is available, allowing you to create hundreds of massage combinations and also to precisely adjust and personalize the massage type.

Night Massage Program Inada

Quick, Approx. 8 min.

This automatic program offers quick massage for people who have little time in the morning or in the evening, or for people who need to relax for a few minutes. It is recommended for quick recovery from fatigue.

quick massage program Inada

Morning, Approx. 15 min.

This automatic program uses the centripetal massage – a technique working its way from the exterior towards the center. Recommended for people who have difficulties in waking up in the morning or feel tired after a day’s work. This is the invigorating program.

Morning Massage Program Inada

Full Body Massage

Neck and Shoulder

Lifts the neck from both sides to massage muscles by stretching and kneading.

Neck and Shoulder Massage Inada

Shiatsu Shoulder Massage

Incorporated airbags apply direct pressure on shoulder Shiatsu points, using firm air pressure to massage them and simulating human hand kneading.

Shiatsu Shoulder Massage

Shoulder Roller Massage

The rollers provide a deep massage when shoulder pads are lifted.

Shoulder Roller Massage Inada

Arm Massage

The arm airbag units provide a deep massage from the upper shoulder to the tips of your fingers. Your arms will feel invigorated and you will lose the fatigue sensation.

Arm Massage Inada

Back Roller Massage

Through the unique massage functions of the INADA massage chair that provide circular kneading massage (Tapping/Rhythm Shiatsu, Hand Kneading/Double Kneading) we are getting closer and closer to the techniques used by professional massage therapists.

Back Roller Massage Inada

Hip Massage

This mechanism massages both sides of the pelvis reducing fatigue on hips and buttocks.

Hip Massage Air Shiatsu Inada

Air and Vibration Buttocks Massage

Air pressure creates a swinging sensation to relax and massage your body, while the vibrations make for a comfortable stimulation.

Air and Vibration Buttocks Massage Inada

Lower Back Massage

Air and rollers massage your muscles firmly. Rollers can reach very low areas on your back.

Lower Back Massage Inada

Feet and Soles Massage

Air Shiatsu massage for feet and soles.

Feet and Soles Massage Inada

Calf Massage

Airbags provide a firm massage for Shiatsu points to the back as well as the sides of your calves. Recommended to people who experience fatigue in this area after long periods of standing up.

Calf Massage Inada

Heaters for Back and Seat

The heating system emphasises massage efficiency, reducing cold sensation during winter or inside air conditioning cooled rooms during summer. With this incorporated heating system, the Inada Dreamwave massage chair owns the best technology in the world, revolutionizing the entire massage chair market.

Massage Area

Rollers cover an area of approximately 72 cm up-down, the upper roller’s lateral movement covering approximately 5-19 cm, and the lower roller approximately 9-16 cm. Roller movement allows for an adequate and efficient treatment for the muscle and Shiatsu points.

The most awarded massage chair in the industry

Patent for Inada DreamWave massage technique

The delicate 8 shaped movement simulates techniques applied by massage therapists during Shiatsu massages.

Patent for shoulder massage technique

Patented function for massaging neck and shoulders – offers a profound massage on neck and shoulder and (extraordinary!) allows a delicate stretch of the neck.

Patent for “Full Arm Shiatsu” technique

Through this Shiatsu unit, 20 air units provide a massage with successive, rhythmic and relaxing movements, designed to invigorate the entire arm, from the tip of your fingers to your shoulders.

Patent for hip and waist massage technique

By applying a delicate profound pressure it has a relaxing effect on large muscles.

Patent for the most efficient and complete stretching function

This function provides the extension and flexion, as well as slight rotation for the shoulder, waist and hip.

Product Specifications

Manual Mode Yes
Back 3D Mechanism Yes
Chair Cover Ecological antibacterial leather.
ReflexoTherapy Yes
Air Intensity Adjustment Low, Medium, Hight
Calf Massage Yes
Automatic Reclining Yes
Program Display Yes
Foot and Calf Massage Yes
Hand and Arm Massage Yes
Hip and Waist Massage Yes
Pelvis and Buttocks Massage Yes
Headrest Yes
Auto-Customization Proprietary Scan & Match to 106 profiles
Roller Description Inada 3-D, 4-roller articulating wrist design
Seat Massage DreamWave™ Technology, air cells, and vibration
Seat & Back Warmer Yes

Inada Family Japan

Manufactured by
Reclining Angle Approx. 120° - 170°
Airbags 100
Timer Approx. 15 minute
Health Care Programs 16
Manual Massage Types 18
Manual Massage Combinations More than 1,000 possible combinations
Motors (Total) 13
Massage Speed Tapping: 3 levels 180-480/min
Rollers: 3 levels
Air Cell Construction Hi-Flex, Hi-Resilience PVC/Nylon Bellows
Chair Weight (kg) 115 kg
Rated Voltage 220 / 230 V
Package 2 boxes: 96kg + 51kg
Accessories Shiatsu Shoulder Pads
These Shiatsu shoulder pads allow for intense or delicate massage, to best suit your needs.
Buffer Pad
Adjust the intensity of the massage by placing the small or large buffer pad on the backrest.
Smartphone pocket
sizes inada dreamwave
colors inada dreamwave
colors inada dreamwave

Personalized Massage Programs

Along with the automatic programs that can be selected with the help of the controller, Inada manual programming is available, allowing you to create hundreds of massage combinations and also to precisely adjust and personalize the massage type.

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Why choose the Inada Dreamwave massage chair?

1. Japanese quality and innovation. Made in Japan.

Inada provides the best quality massage chairs in the world. No other massage chair is as reliable, resistant, or as complex as the Inada massage chair.

2. Worldwide recognition.

Inada is the only massage chair manufacturer whose products enjoy worldwide recognition by the Chiropractic Association.

3. Dreamwave also includes massage programs for children.

If you want your massage chair to be used by the whole family, including your children, the Dreamwave massage chair is the perfect solution.

4. Want more reasons to buy the Inada Dreamwave massage chair?

Please fill out this form or send us an e-mail at office@inada.ae

What our Customers sau about Inada Massage Chairs?

5 / 5 rating rating rating rating rating

I inquired quite a lot about this massage chair. I have serious back and cervical problems and I can say that, after using it for one month, I feel much better and have a lot more energy. I enjoy at least three massage sessions a day: in the morning, at noon, and in the evening. For those who work in an office, this is the perfect solution for relaxation and medical recovery.

5 / 5 rating rating rating rating rating

I had an accident and I bought the Dreamwave massage chair with full confidence, because I knew that it is the best massage chair in the world. The types of massage and different massage combinations it offers are very effective for my particular problem. Thank you for advising me to buy this model and I wish you great success!

5 / 5 rating rating rating rating rating

I was looking for the best massage chair and I don’t regret the choice I’ve made. The massage it provides is excellent and I use it every day, and so do my children and my family. Thank you!

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