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Inada CUBE

The entire leg is embraced firmly The challenge we faced in that process was how to solve differences between the structures of the upper body and lower body. The solution is our proprietary “Dual Harmony.” We have achieved a “massage” with two mechanisms.

Compact Design

You can enjoy the fulfillment of massage even in a small room. Freely usable in anywhere. You can enjoy the massage in a cozy little room.

Folding Massage Chair

It is easy to fold and store CUBE when you are not using as a Massage Chair.

Use as a stool.

You can use CUBE as a stool when you fold it. It is convenient for any room.
Easy to move with smooth caster.

21 Air Cells

Complete massage is offered by 21 aircells to your legs, hips and back
You can enjoy comprehensive total body massage.

Functions and massage programs

Pelvis / Hips and Thighs

Swinging around your pelvis area with seat air bags while receiving Shiatsu pressure. Back side of your thighs receiving compression massage from the seat air cells.

pelvis, hips, thighs

Hips and Lower Back

Your hips and lower back are squeezed and compressed as if being massage by the palm of the hand.

Foot/Toes Massage

Legs Program

Focusing on hip joints, calves and soles.

Legs Program

Stretch Program

Focusing on stretching and twisting movements.

Swing Program

To relax by stimulating pelves and hip area.

Full BodyProgram

To relieving fatigue from full body, from back to sole.

The entire leg is firmly embraced by each of the total 17 air bags.

Swollen legs from from the toes to the calves are firmly held, embraced and massaged by air bags.
Stimulation around the thighs assist blood flow of the entire body to relieve fatigue in leg muscles.

Stimulation of the back of thighs and calves

Stimulation by projections on the foot shiatsu sheet gives a slight prickling but sooth sensation

Remote control - Easy 1 button !






Product Specifications

Auto Timer Approx. 15 min
Upholstery Symthetic Leather, Knit
Accessory Buffer Pad, Power Supply Cold, Foot Massage Sheets(two)
Medical Device Manufacturer/Distributor License No. 31B2X00003 (Japan)
Model Name/Number INADA CUBE FML-3000 Household Electric Massage Equipment (JMDN code: 34662000) Controlled Medical Device

Inada Family Japan

Manufactured by
Power Supply AC120V 50Hz, AC220-240V 50-60Hz
Power Consumption 40W
Reclining Angle Approx. 115 – 165 degrees from floor level Continuous motion (Automatic reclining)
sizes cube
colors inada cube
colors inada cube
colors inada cube
colors inada cube

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Why choose the Inada Cube?

1. Japanese quality and innovation. Made in Japan.

Inada provides the best quality massage chairs in the world. No other massage chair is as reliable, resistant, or as complex as the Inada massage chair.

2. Worldwide recognition.

Inada is the only massage chair manufacturer whose products enjoy worldwide recognition by the Chiropractic Association.

3. Compact Design.

You can enjoy the fulfillment of massage even in a small room. Freely usable in anywhere. You can enjoy the massage in a cozy little room.

4. Want more reasons to buy the Inada Cube?

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What our Customers sau about Inada?

4/5 stars

I only buy Japanese products because I trust them a lot. I did the same when I bought Inada massage chair, because it is very convenient to use and we do not have to take our shoes off. It is a massage chair that I capable of adapting to our requirements; it can be very gentle, but, using the remote control, you can set a stronger massage level. I commend the advice I received and the way the chair was delivered!

3/5 stars

We have bought this massage chair and are very happy with it. We tested all 3 models and we arrived at the conclusion that this model is the right one for me and my family. I can say that I received good advice and that I have consequently chosen a top massage chair.

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