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3S Flex

Duet Zero Gravity


Massage Rollers 3D Rollers 3D Rollers 3D Rollers
Heat Hands and Soles of Feet Arms. Max. 45°C Back & Seat. Max. 39°C
Full Body Massage Yes Yes Yes
Shiatsu point locator Yes Yes Yes
Neck massage with rollers with rollers with rollers and airbags
Tapping Massagae Yes Yes Yes
Compression Massage Yes Yes Yes
Shiatsu / Acupuncture Yes Yes Yes
Rolling Massage Yes Yes Yes
Lower Back Massage Yes Yes Yes
Total Auto Programs 6 8 16
Focused Sessions 3 3 8 Well-Being Programs
Healthcare Sessions 4 5 8
Manual Sessions
(combine your favorite massage types)
15 types 16 types 15 types
Speed Control Yes Yes Yes
Reflexotherapy Yes Yes Yes
Power Consumption 150 W 150 W (Heater only 12 W) 208 W (Heater only 5 W)
Adjustable pillow Yes Yes Yes
Remote controller Yes Yes Yes
Warranty 2 years 2 years 2 years
Youth Programs no no Yes
Made in Japan Japan Japan
User Manual English & Arabic English & Arabic English & Arabic
Colors Beige, Black, Brown Black, Ivory Black, Ivory
Year of manufacture 2019 2019 2019
Shipping FREE Shipping FREE Shipping FREE Shipping
Ask for the Price Ask for the Price Ask for the Price

Our clients testimonials?

Mr. George

This massage chair suits me and the rest of my family just perfectly. We use it every day and are delighted with the massage it provides. The massage chair was delivered the same day, and they carried it with much care into my house. We are happy with absolutely everything connected with it.

Mr. Mark Clayton

I only buy Japanese products because I trust them a lot. I did the same when I bought the Duet massage chair, because it is very convenient to use and we do not have to take our shoes off. It is a massage chair that I capable of adapting to our requirements; it can be very gentle, but, using the remote control, you can set a stronger massage level. I commend the advice I received and the way the chair was delivered!

Mrs. Joana

I had an accident and I bought the Dreamwave massage chair with full confidence, because I knew that it is the best massage chair in the world. The types of massage and different massage combinations it offers are very effective for my particular problem. Thank you for advising me to buy this model and I wish you great success!

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1. Japanese quality and innovation. Made in Japan.

Inada provides the best quality massage chairs in the world. No other massage chair is as reliable, resistant, or as complex as the Inada massage chair.

2. Worldwide recognition.

Inada is the only massage chair manufacturer whose products enjoy worldwide recognition by the Chiropractic Association.

3. Perfect for all your family members.

If you want your massage chair to be used by the whole family, including your children, the Inada massage chair is the perfect solution.

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