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Inada 3S Flex Massage Chair

3S Flex is the newest massage chair from Inada. This is a therapeutic massage chair with great design. Now available in Arab Emirates.

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Inada 3S Massage chair

The world’s newest massage chair

This is the latest model from Inada, the new 3D massage chair, the 3S Flex massage chair. This massage chair is amazing both in appearance and performance. It was engineered under the supervision of world-renowned Japanese sports stretching instructor, TaYesshi Kaneko, and it is the only massage chair in the world that provides effective stretching movements combined with traditional massage forms, which is why it is categorized as a MEDICAL massage chair, and has received a medical certification number (medical certification no.: 223AKBZX00226000)

Exceptional design. Therapeutic effects

The 3S full body massage chair is the perfect choice for those looking to stretch, to improve their posture, and receive all of the health benefits that go hand in hand with massage and relaxation. You can choose from among a number of automatic healthcare programs that include a full body massage, stretching massage, and lower body massage. These also include “Warm Up” and “Cool Down” programs, as well as multiple Japanese massage techniques.

Massage system with calf/foot heating

The heating system together with the lower body airbags stimulates the blood flow to the soles of your feet and calves. Shiatsu massage is performed with the aid of air bags, on the soles of your feet, on the upper part of your feet, and on your heels. The Inada 3S is equipped with detachable shiatsu balls for reflexology massage.

The perfect massage position. Maximum reclining

The Inada 3S proves to be the most comfortable massage chair, having the greatest recline angle. Its design makes it extremely easy to maneuver and the reclining system is different, due to the rail along which the chair moves during the backrest reclining process. The chair can be placed very close to a wall because when the backrest is being reclined, the chair slides forward, to a lower position, stretching out horizontally.

Massage cushions. Buffer pad

The accessory set comprises the massage buffer pad, the main massage cushion (which is implicitly installed onto the chair), and the remote control pocket. The main massage cushion (see adjacent figure) is clad in a protective, washable fabric. During massage, the main cushion can be removed, if you desire a deep cervical (neck) massage.

Medical massage chair

The 3S Flex massage chair was designed to improve your functional movements, physical performance, and effective breathing techniques, as well as to aid recovery in case of backache or shoulder stiffness. The “Shoulder Focus” program focuses on relieving shoulder stiffness by massaging the collarbone area with air compression from the front and pressing from the back, which leads to a stretching out of your chest.
By pressing from the front and from the back, you get a deep stretch, and the main cause for shoulder stiffness (bad posture) is eliminated.

Kenbiki (between the shoulder blades) massage

The Inada 3S deeply massages the painful areas along the edges of the shoulder blades. The incorporated air cushions apply direct pressure to the Shiatsu points in the shoulder area, massaging them by firm air pressure, which creates the sensation of a squeezing massage by human hands.

Kenbiki (between the shoulder blades) massage

Neck massage

The 3S massages the muscles at the base of the neck by a kneading movement. It lifts the neck from either side, in order to massage the muscles through pulling and squeezing.

Neck massage

Kensei massage

Intensely massages Kensei points located between the shoulders and neck that easily stiffen.

Kensei massage

Pelvis and hip massage

Massages muscles in the pelvic region, squeezing the pelvis between lateral airbags. This mechanism allows the massage of the pelvic region from either side, relieving fatigue in the buttock and thigh region.

Pelvis and hip massage

Deep lower back massage. Rolling back massage.

The Inada 3S provides a deep massage of the lower back region. The air and the rollers ensure a firm massage of the muscles. The rollers reach down to the lowest regions of your back. The 3S is equipped with the most advanced roller system – the rollers move from side to side, providing a 3D massage by moving along a horizontal axis. The rollers at the lower back region extend up to 20 cm in a crosswise movement to massage as much of your back as possible and relieve pain.

Deep lower back massage. Rolling back massage Deep lower back massage. Rolling back massage

3D Medical Massage Roller mechanism and Air Cushions

The roller massage system is adapted by air cushions located at the base of the massage system. This technology allows the massage rollers to be in permanent contact with your back. The rollers descend down to the pelvic region and conduct a rolling massage. The unique circular squeezing massage functions of the Inada chair perfectly simulate the techniques used by professional massage therapists, which relieves any deep backaches. The 3D massage allows you to adjust the intensity of the Push-Out mechanism by up to 4.5 cm (for the deepest massage option).


Leg massage

Stimulates blood flow to the legs. Features Shiatsu air massage for your soles, the top part of your feet, and your heels. The chair is equipped with detachable shiatsu balls in the sole region.

Leg massage

Arm massage

The chair massages the arms while comfortably stretching the chest out with a firm embrace. The arm units with air cushions ensure a deep massage from the upper arm all the way to the fingertips. You will feel your arms invigorated and you will be free from any feeling of fatigue.

Arm massage Arm massage

The Inada 3S massage mechanisms

The embrace function. The permanent contact function

The Inada 3S Flex massage chair is provided with the embrace massage function, which ensures a deep massage with a firm embrace from the shoulders to the upper arms.

One of the Inada 3S massage chair’s important unique features is its permanent contact function, which guarantees that every part of the user’s body will be in permanent contact with the chair, regardless of the user’s height or weight and irrespective of the reclining angle of the seat back. Thanks to this function, the user receives an effective full body massage.

The embrace function. The permanent contact function

Optical sensor for the detection of the Shiatsu pressure points

The Inada 3S massage chair is equipped with sensors that automatically detect the user’s Shiatsu points. Even though the Shiatsu points vary from person to person, the massage chair guarantees that every user receives an effective massage thanks to the Shiatsu point detection system.

When you select the desired massage program, the 3S will scan your back and will compare your profile against other profiles stored in its memory. The Inada 3S massage chair will immediately tailor itself to your size and shape and will offer you a perfectly personalized massage.

Optical sensor for the detection of the Shiatsu pressure points

Functions and benefits of the Inada 3S chair

Shiatsu massage balls

massage balls

Extensible leg rest system

 leg rest system

Massage pad

Massage pad

Buffer pad

Buffer pad

Full body massage with heating

Full body massage with heating

Arm massage with heating

Arm massage with heating

Remote control pocket

Remote control pocket

Embrace massage

Embrace massage

Equipped with a heating system for the back

The heating mechanism augments the effectiveness of the massage, eliminating the sensation of cold in winter or in rooms where the air conditioning is on in summer.

With this incorporated heating system, the Inada Flex massage chair enjoys the most advanced technology in the world, which revolutionized the entire massage chair market when it was first introduced.

The massage area

The rollers cover an area of approximately 72 cm up-down, the upper roller moving laterally over a distance of approximately 5-19 cm, while the lower roller moves over a distance of approximately 9-16 cm. The movement of the rollers ensures an adequate and effective treatment of the muscles and of the Shiatsu points.

Full Body

Approx. 15 min. This is the basic program for eliminating fatigue by a full body massage with the aid of rollers and air cushions. This is a massage program for relieving easily fatigue.

Full Body Relief

Full body massage program using just the air cushions. This program is recommended for people who do not much appreciate the mechanical massage techniques.

Full Body Quick

Approx. 8 min. This program provides the possibility of enjoying a quick massage for people who do not have a lot of time in the morning or in the evening or those who wish to relax for a few moments. This is a program designed for a quick recovery from fatigue.


Approx. 15 min. This program uses the centripetal massage - a massage technique from the exterior towards the center. It is recommended for persons who experience difficulty in getting up in the morning or who feel tired since the Yesy before. This is a program designed to invigorate you.


The Inada 3S uses a massage technique designed to relieve the muscle tension and fatigue acquired during the Yesy. Recommended for use before going to bed.

Product Specifications

Seat Massage Air cells
Heat Hands and Soles of Feet
Calf Massage Air cells
Foot (soles, heels, toes) Massage Air cells
Arm Massage Air cells
Child Safety Features Breakaway power cord
Model Name Inada Flex 3S
Model # HCP-373A

Inada Family Japan

Manufactured by
Chair Dimensions Fully Upright: 85 cm W x 135 cm L x 105 cm H
Fully Reclined: 85 cm W x 195 cm L x 75 cm H
User Max. Weight 110 kg
Max Recline Angle 165°
Power 220/230V
Auto-Customization Proprietary scan and match to 106 profiles
Roller Description Inada 3-D, 4-roller seesaw system
Pre-Programmed Massage Choices 6
Focused Massage Sessions 5
Manual Massage Types 5
Manual Massage Combinations Over 500 possible massage combinations of manual settings
Air Cell Total 50
Air Cell Construction Hi-Flex, Hi-Resilience PVC/Nylon
Motors (Total) 6 (six)
Weight (Net) 80 kg
Weight (Boxed) 95 kg
Choreographed By Tadashi Kaneko
Designed By Satoshi Ouchi
Ryosuke Hayashi
Yudai Kaneko
sizes inada 3S-Flex
colors inada 3S-Flex
colors inada 3S-Flex
colors inada 3S-Flex

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Why choose the Inada 3S Flex massage chair?

1. Japanese quality and innovation. Made in Japan.

Inada offers you the best quality massage chairs in the world. No other massage chair is as reliable, resistant, or as complex as the Inada massage chair.

2. Worldwide recognition

Inada is the only massage chair manufacturer whose products enjoy worldwide recognition by the Chiropractic Association.

3. Complex Stretching programs

The Inada Flex has very complex massage programs, and each cycle starts with a stretching massage in order to prepare your body for the various massage programs.

4. Want more reasons to buy the Inada 3S Flex massage chair?

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What our Customers sau about Inada Massage Chairs?

5 / 5 rating rating rating rating rating

I am very happy with my new purchase, because the massage for my back but also for the rest of the body is very effective. I have been searching for a Japanese massage chair for a long time, and I am now glad that Inada massage chairs are available in the Emirates as well.

5 / 5 rating rating rating rating rating

This massage chair suits me and the rest of my family just perfectly. We use it every day and are delighted with the massage it provides. The massage chair was delivered the same day, and they carried it with much care into my house. We are happy with absolutely everything connected with it.

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